2 Bin System


For all queries about FOGO please phone the Town on: 

(08) 9339 9339 or email admin@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au 


2020-2021 Waste Collection Calendar  

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Public Holiday Services 

No Waste Collection on the following public holidays, collection will take place on the following day.

  • Friday December 25th - Collected on Saturday 26th December 
  • Friday January 1st Collected on Saturday 2nd January 
  •  Friday 2nd April Collected on Saturday 3rd April


Verge Collection dates 2020/21

The Town provides two green waste collections and one bulk waste Collection per financial year. Verge Collections are for residential properties only and are not applicable to commercial premises. Residents also have access to the Fremantle Recycle Centre and Henderson Waste Facility  


Important information for Verge Collections



The General Waste Bin

Dark green-lidded General Waste Bin (Collected Weekly) 

For a full A-Z on what goes in each bin

What goes in the General Waste bin?

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Yellow lidded recycling bin (FORTNIGHTLY): Recyclable materials including:

  • Paper (excluding shredded paper)
  • Cardboard (flattened)
  • Glass (clean and empty)
  • Plastic containers and plastic bottles (clean and empty)
  • Aluminium cans (clean and empty)
  • Steel cans (clean and empty).

All items should be clean, dry and empty with lids removed and placed in the bin loosely.

For a full A-Z on what goes in each bin

What Goes In the Recycling Bin 

The waste collected in your yellow topped Recycle bin is taken to the Regional Resource Recovery Centre in Canning Vale where items are sorted and separated into different waste streams. Improve the rates of recovery by preventing forms of contaminants entering into your Recycling bin.

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For all local governments in the Perth Metropolitan Area, there have been changes regarding what can and can’t be recycled in your yellow lid bin.

These changes are part of an effort to reduce contamination and make recycling easier for everyone.

A clear and consistent list of items that go into your kerbside recycling bin will lead to cost effective and improved recycling outcomes for Western Australia.  

For a full A-Z on what goes in each bin



Some items can be hard to recycle or may contain harmful or dangerous chemicals that cause fires and explosions in
waste trucks. 

Special Drop Off Items

For a full A-Z on what goes in each bin

The Town Hall, 135 Canning Highway has a special collection drop off point for hard to recycle items:

• Batteries
• Mobile Phones
• Ink Cartridges
• Plastic Bottle Caps
• Pens


For recycling of old computer equipment including desktops, notebooks, servers, monitors, printers and other items, contact:

  • Fremantle Recycle Centre 1300 693 736 (Residential Properties Only) 
  • Secure computer recycling and disposal 9467 4624
    (fees may apply)
  • Technology Assisting Disability WA Inc 9379 7400
    (free service and accepts monitors)
  • Henderson Waste Recovery Park 9411 3444
    (fees may apply)


  • Town of Cambridge Administration, 1 Bold Park Drive, Floreat 9347 6000
  • Town of Cambridge Library, 99 The Boulevard, Floreat 9383 8999
  • WMRC 2/317 Churchill Avenue, Subiaco 9384 4003


  • Total Green Recycling 16-30 Sheffield Road, Welshpool 9258 6009
  • Fremantle Recycling Centre 1300 693 736 (Residential properties Only) 


  • Soft Landing Mattress Recycling 1800 763 852 Home Collection ($50) 
  • Fremantle Recycle Centre ($33.50) 1300 693 736 (Residential Properties Only)
  • Bulk Waste Collection (Residential Properties Only) 


  • Fremantle Recycle Centre (Residential Properties Only)
  • Can also be donated to charity, for more information visit GIV.org.au


  • Medical or biohazardous waste should never be put in any bin.
  • Please check with your health care provider as to the correct method for disposal or visit Health Engine