Building services

A building permit is required prior to commencing construction for most structures (residential, commercial or industrial) including but not limited to new works, additions, alterations, commercial fitouts and refurbishments, changes to ground levels, swimming pools, spas and pool barriers.

The Town of East Fremantle uses the services of a part-time Sub Contractor Building Surveyor.

Applying for a Building Permit

  • Anyone can apply for a building permit, the owner, builder, designer, building surveyor or any other person. 
  • The applicant provides details of the person responsible for the work, ie the builder in the application form. 
  • The builder takes responsibility for ensuring the construction complies with the applicable building standards and the provisions in the building permit.
  • An application can be made for a building or one or more stages of a building.
  • There are two types of building permit applications, “Certified” and “Uncertified”.

Information Sheet

Applying for a Demolition Permit

  • A demolition permit is required prior to the demolition of any major structure. 
  • A permit is not required for the demolition of incidental structures such as patios, pergolas and garden sheds.
  • If the demolition works is likely to encroach or adversely affect adjoining land, you will be required to notify and gain consent of the adjoining land owner(s) prior to demolition permit being granted and the work commencing.

Please note: A demolition permit cannot be issued until a development approval has been granted (where required). 

Application Requirements

To obtain a Demolition Permit, the Town requires the submission to include the following:

Demolition Permit Application Form and Fees

Demolition Permit Application Form must be completed and signed by all property owners and the demolition contractor. 

The permit fee must be included with your application. 

Site Plan (with existing building/s and scale)

Details of buildings to be demolished and retained (partial demolition only) are to be provided.

Rat Bait Certificate

A Letter or Certificate from a Pest Inspector confirming the property has been rat baited. Rat baiting is required to be undertaken in all the main structures to be demolished. 

Disconnection of services

All services are required to be disconnected prior to the issue of a Demolition Permit including Alinta Gas, Western Power, Water Corporation and Telstra. 

BCITF Levy Form or BCITF receipt

The Building and Construction Industry Training Fund (BCITF) is only required to be paid for applications with a contract value that is over $20,000 (cost of development including GST). Please pay directly to BCITF and supply a receipt from BCITF as proof of the payment. The forms are available from BCITF or from front reception at the Town office. 

Certificate of Title

A Certificate of Title is an official land ownership record and gives you:

  • current ownership details
  • volume and folio
  • survey plan number and type
  • document numbers for encumbrances and notifications
  • whether there is a caveat against the title.

You can order a copy of the Certificate of Title from Landgate 

Demolition of Buildings Containing Asbestos

Demolition of buildings containing asbestos are required to have the asbestos removed in accordance with the requirements of the Health (Asbestos) Regulations 1994.

Guide to Lodging a Demolition Permit Application 

How to submit a building application 

Applications can be lodged by:

  • Email to and reception will contact you for payment
  • Online Services
  • In person at Town Hall, 135 Canning Highway, East Fremantle
  • By Post to the Town of East Fremantle and mailed to PO Box 1097, Fremantle WA 6959 


Anyone who carries out ‘builder work’ valued over $20,000 must be a registered builder or an approved owner-builder before applying to the local government for a building permit. However, there are a number of exemptions where registration is not required. Please refer to 'Do I need to be a registered builder?' publication from the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety.

Owner-builder work consists of the following:

  • Class 1a (i) building – a single dwelling, being a detached house. This includes an extension to a house or a habitable dwelling on the same property but separate to the main house such as a granny flat;
  • Class 10 building – being a non-habitable building such as a private garage, carport, shed or the like; or
  • Small commercial building – being a one or two-storey building with a floor space of less than 500m2 that is not a detached house, Class 10 building or farm building

Under the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011, owner-builders are required to obtain approval from the Building Services Board, administered by the Building Commission, before obtaining a building permit to carry out owner builder work on their land. Applicants are required to provide evidence of their ownership of the land and demonstrate that they have sufficient knowledge of the duties and responsibilities of an owner-builder.

Please visit the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety – Building Commission website for more information on Becoming an Owner-Builder

Plan Search Information

Should you require a copy of plans for your property, you can arrange for the Town to retrieve the plans by submitting the Request for Copies of Plans. A fee of $104.85 is applicable. 


Plan searches will only be undertaken if the request form is signed by the property owner. Only the property owner is entitled to view or request copies of the Town's Plans.

The Owner includes:

  • The person shown of the Town’s records as being the owner.
  • A person who is authorised in writing by the owner.

A Real Estate Agent CANNOT authorise copies of plans without additional written approval from the current property owner. The Town will require proof of identity, and/or written authority from the current property owner. 

Owners requesting copies of Strata Plans will be given plans for their own unit ONLY. Should a copy of entire complex be required, written authorisation from the Strata Manager is required.

Unauthorised Building Works

It is an offence under the Building Act 2011 to undertake building work without first obtaining a Building Permit, unless the building work is exempted from such a requirement under the Building Regulations 2012.

Property owners who have unauthorised building works may be able to submit an application to obtain Retrospective Approval from the Town.

A Building Approval Certificate is used to retrospectively approve any building works completed without a Building Permit being issued, or certified an existing building’s compliance with the relevant standards.

Building Approval Certificates are voluntary, however if you have unauthorised building work you may be required to demolish it if you do not have one. 

Infrastructure Bonds

Payment of an Infrastructure Bond is required for all Building and Demolition Permits issued.  The bond is $2,000 per property or $3,000 if the property is located on a corner lot.

The bond is refundable upon completion of works and restoration of all Town property prior to application.  To apply for the bond refund a Bond Refund Request Form is to be completed and submitted with a Notice of Completion BA7 Form.

Please note the Town will undertake a site inspection prior to Council approval to refund the bond. The fee for this inspection is $50 and is required to be paid prior to inspection.  To make a payment, contact the Town of East Fremantle via phone (08) 9339 9339.

Infrastructure Bond Refund Request Form

BA7 Notice of Completion  

Materials on Verge

During building works you may wish to store materials on your verge.  A storage plan needs to be submitted with this application along with a form. 

Minimum fee of $100 or $1.00 per m² per month, whichever is the greater fee.   Permit is valid for three months.

Application for Materials on Verge Permit

Skip Bin Permit

If you require a Skip Bin on site at any time not just during building construction you can apply for a permit.  The permit Fee is $48.90.

A new fee of $12.80 will be charged for a Skip Bin Permit Extension.

Skip Bin Permit Application Form - please ensure this is completed and submitted prior to a Skip Bin being delivered on site 

Dividing Fences

A dividing fence is a sufficient fence that separates the land of different owners, whether on the common boundary of adjoining lands or in a line other than the common boundary.

If you are seeking to construct a dividing fence you must meet the obligations defined in the Dividing Fences Act 1961 prior to construction.

The Town does not have ownership of the Dividing Fences Act 1961. Information can be obtained from the Building Commission website.