BUilding services

All construction works are required to have a building permit to carry out works.  The Town of East Fremantle uses the services of a part-time Sub Contractor Building Surveyor.

Council’s Regulatory Services Department provides information and technical advice on Building Matters. 

Applying for a Building Permit 

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Anyone can apply for a building permit, the owner, builder, designer, building surveyor or any other person.  The applicant provides details of the person responsible for the work, ie the builder in the application form.  The builder takes responsibility for ensuring the construction complies with the applicable building standards and the provisions in the building permit. An application can be made for a building or one or more stages of a building. There are two types of building permit applications, “Certified” and “Uncertified”.

Application Forms 

To download application forms relating to the Building Department, please click here.

Please note all forms are updated by the Building Commission.


Should you wish to be an Owner/Builder, you need to apply to the Building Commission.  We suggest that you contact the Building Commission to determine if you can qualify.  Please visit the Building Commission website for more information.

Infrastructure Bonds

Payment of an Infrastructure Bond is required for all Building Permits issued.  The bond is $2,000 per property or $3,000 if the property is located on a corner lot.

The bond is refundable upon completion of works and restoration of all Town property prior to application.  To apply for the bond refund a Bond Refund Request Form is to be completed and submitted with a Notice of Completion BA7 Form.

Please note the Town will undertake a site inspection prior to Council approval to refund the bond. The fee for this inspection is $50 and is required to be paid prior to inspection.  To make a payment, contact the Town of East Fremantle via phone (08) 9339 9339.

Infrastructure Bond Refund Request Form 


Materials on Verge

During building works you may wish to store materials on your verge.  A storage plan needs to be submitted with this application along with a form. 

Minimum fee of $100 or $1.00 per m² per month, whichever is the greater fee.   Permit is valid for three months.

Application for materials on verge permit

Skip Bin Permit

If you require a Skip Bin on site at any time not just during building construction you can apply for a permit.  The permit Fee is $48.90.

A new fee of $12.80 will be charged for a Skip Bin Permit Extension.

Skip Bin Permit Application Form - please ensure this is completed and submitted prior to a Skip Bin being delivered on site

Development Fee Calculators (as from 1 July 2019):

Planning & Building Fee Calculator (Excel)

Unauthorised Works Calculator

Dividing Fences

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