Town of east fremantle Public Art panel

Following the adoption of the Public Art Strategy on 19 September 2017, Council appointed a Public Art Panel.

The role of the Public Art Panel is to oversee and make recommendations to the Council on matters related to:

  •  the strategic direction, policy and public program matters of the Town of East Fremantle Public Art Strategy;
  •  the development of public art project briefs;
  • the de-accession, relocation, removal and disposal of public artworks; and
  • to assess and determine the suitability of percent for public art proposals submitted in accordance with the Town’s Percent for Public Art Policy
  • Consider the recommendations of specialist selection panels
  • Assess the implementation of the public art annual action plan.

 For a copy of the Public Art Panel Policy please click here

Panel Members:

  • Deputy Mayor Cr Jenny Harrington - (Chair)
  • Mayor Jim O'Neill
  • Tony Jones - Artist
  • Carmel O'Neil - Artist
  • Nikki Liley - Artist
  • Wendy Robertson - Artist
  • Soula Veyradier - Artist
  • Gary Tuffin - Chief Executive Officer
  • Karen Dore (Administration Facilitator)

For more information about the Town's Public Art Panel or Public Art Policies, please contact Karen Dore on (08) 9339 9342 or email 

The Public Art Panel has been busy since their appointment, meeting on a regular basis - below is a summary of recent actions:

Action Plan Four (4) Year Plan has been prepared and endorsed
Hubble Street Mural

Completed - click here to view the completed work

The Process for having this work undertaken included:

  1. Invitation to submit an expression of interest
  2. Request to three submittors to supply a concept, based on the local Art Strategy
  3. Three concepts were reviewed by the Panel, with one being recommended to Council
  4. Council endorsed the selection
Roundabout Artwork  Completed - Artwork on loan from Tony Jones was installed in two roundabouts in Preston Point Road - these installations coincided with landscaping in the roundabouts.
George Street Festival Art Exhibition 2018 & 2019 Thanks to the tireless efforts of Tony Jones and his team, the Festival Art Exhibition of Local Art was filled with amazing artwork. Congratulations!
Richmond Raceway Trotting Booths Completed August 2020.
Glasson Park Mural Underway - completion scheduled for December 2020.
Silas Street Roundabout Underway - completion scheduled for June 2021 (noting that there have been some delays due to technical requirements, this date may be extended).