Major Projects Around Our Town

Please find below a list of larger projects that the Town is currently working on which are of community interest and/or provide the opportunity for liaison with the wider community.  Please click on the link for more information. 

East Fremantle Oval Precinct Redevelopment

Frequently Asked Questions - Oval Precinct Redevelopment

Oval Precinct Landscape Concept Imagery   

Former Woodside Hospital Redevelopment

Gourley Park Nature-Based Playground

Gourley Park Nature-Based Playground Plan

Royal George Hotel Site Redevelopment


Roofing 2000 Redevelopment Site (The Entrance)

Roofing 2000 Redevelopment Site - The Entrance  

Leeuwin Barracks

Leeuwin Barracks 

Water Corporation's 'Pipes for Perth' Project