Gourley Park Nature-Based Playground 

July 2022

The Town is pleased to notify residents that a nature-based playground and bicycle pump track is proposed to be installed at Gourley Park, East Fremantle in coming months. This project will be the first nature-based playground within East Fremantle.

The nature-based playground will include a slide, a stump slice, a balancing log nest and several other nature-based elements. The bicycle pump track will follow the existing slope of the park and has been designed for children aged between 5 and 15.

The works will also include the installation of a new drinking fountain for both people and dogs, and a barbeque, which the exact locations are yet to be determined.

As can be seen in the below proposal, the design utilizes the existing shade of the trees over the nature-based playground and track. Please be mindful that the plan is still a concept and elements may change, depending on materials and availability of contractors.

Works are expected to commence in August 2022.