Update -LPS No. 3 - Complex Amendment No. 14 - Roofing 2000 Site and No. 15 - Royal George Hotel Site Outcome of Consideration of Schedule of Modifications and Schedule of Submissions

Published: Tuesday, 3 September 2019 at 4:25:20 PM

At the Special Council Meeting of 7 August 2019 and the Ordinary Council Meeting of 20 August 2019, the Council resolved pursuant to Section 75 of the Planning and Development Act 2005 and Regulation 41(3) (c) of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 to support complex Amendment No. 14 and No. 15 to Local Planning Scheme No. 3 subject to the modifications to the Schedules of Modifications (as directed for advertising by the Minister for Planning).

The Council resolution and Officer Reports in relation to both Amendments are below.  Should you wish to discuss or have any questions in regard to the Council resolutions please contact the Town.

Amendment No. 14


Amendment No. 15


State Department of Planning Officers will now consider the submissions and the Council resolutions for both Amendments and prepare reports which will be considered by the Statutory Planning Committee - SPC - (a sub-committee of the WAPC).  The Officer reports are confidential and not available to the public prior to the SPC meeting, however, community members can request to make a deputation/presentation to the SPC. 

The meetings are not open to the general public unless an invitation to make a deputation/presentation is extended.  Should you wish to make a deputation/presentation an application to the Presiding Member can be made by following the link below: 


Further information in relation to SPC Agendas and upcoming meetings at which Amendment No. 14 and No. 15 may be considered can be obtained from the following website or you are welcome to contact the Town to enquire about meeting dates.


Please note: Deadlines for making an application for a deputation/presentation prior to the scheduled meeting date apply – three (3) clear business days from the date of the meeting.   Agendas for meetings are available 72 hours prior to the meeting.

The Minister for Planning will make the final decision on the Amendments in due course following referral and consideration of the recommendation of the SPC.  There are no statutory timeframes by which the Minister is required to make a decision.

All those who made a submission on the Amendments will be advised of the Minister’s decisions and the Minister’s decisions will also be posted on the Town’s website and in the Town’s E-newsletter.  Public notices will also be published in a local newspaper.  

Should you have any queries regarding either Amendment please contact Christine Catchpole on 9339 9319 or email ccatchpole@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au.


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