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Published: Saturday, 6 June 2020 at 8:13:43 AM

Message from Mayor O'Neill

I write to you with great news that life here in our Town is slowly returning to normal.  Lockdown has had a profound effect on our community and the full extent of that will not be felt for some time.  For me and for many others it has provided challenges but also time for reflection and for developing a sense of profound relief and gratitude that we live in this beautiful place, and in a country whose health system and administrators have managed this crisis very well.

As of Monday, 8 June 2020, I am pleased to advise that our historic Town Hall will once again be open to you all to visit if you need to pay a bill, renew a registration for your pet or for the many other services that we provide.  If you have found it easier interacting with us online, we have a range of services available to you digitally, which are easier, quicker and cheaper (and save paper!).  If you register for e-rates in the next few weeks, you will receive your rate notice online and you could also win a voucher to use in our Town.  Read on for details.

In other happy news, as of today our parks, reserves and playgrounds are open once again and I know this will be a huge relief to the parents and grandparents who enjoy taking the youngsters to the park.  Our local clubs are gearing back up to full speed and I ask for patience as they put in place their various arrangements to ensure safety and compliance with new procedures.  Local businesses are reopening too, and I encourage everyone to patronise them where possible, so that the local economy can get a strong kick-start.

Preparations for Budget 2020/21 are well underway.  This year's budget has been cast very much with an eye on restraint, reflecting the economic reality faced by many local property and business owners.  Despite keeping costs and fees pared back, we have still provided for a wide range of services and ensured that our facilities are maintained, and major projects are progressed to keep things running smoothly and enabling East Fremantle to continue to thrive.

I hope that you find this e-news helpful, and I encourage you to share it with anyone who may benefit from receiving it.

Kind regards

Jim O'Neill

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