Road/Pipe Works on Preston Point Road

Published on Friday, 26 June 2020 at 9:29:45 AM

Beginning Friday 26 June 2020, WaterCorp will be doing works to underground pipe/water assets on Preston Point Road.

Scope of works: water main renewal works by means of excavations to install new water main and removal of existing on affected sections of road, including road crossings.
Description of traffic management arrangements.

Works will involve excavations being backfilled as works progress to maintain property access outside of working periods. Temporary containment fencing shall be adjusted as works progress.

During working hours traffic controllers managing access and egress of residents to properties within extents of closures. For access within construction areas traffic controllers in direct contact with works personnel must ensure safe passage to & from properties.

Pedestrian warning signage including closures and diversions shall be implemented at interfaces between existing footpaths and construction areas as required.

Construction areas will include after care arrangements implemented outside of working periods consisting of removal of worker symbolic panels and prepare to stop signage.
Water main renewal works conducted at affected locations under the following schemes:

Location of works: Preston Point Road – Northbound

The works are located in the northbound lane of Preston Point Road from Pier Street to a point approximately 200m north. The northbound lane shall be closed with southbound lane maintained. 

Detours are as follows:

Preston Point Road detour via Pier Street eastbound, Parker Street northbound, Woodhouse Road westbound progressing into Locke Crescent north-east bound and Wauhop Road northbound before terminating at Preston Point Road. 

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