New Medium Density Codes

Published on Thursday, 8 June 2023 at 3:47:47 PM

Update - 11 August 2023 - Medium Density R-Codes Start Date Deferred - Scheduled to become operative from 1 September 2023 the Medium Density R-Codes start date has been deferred to a date not yet announced. The State Government has requested that the WAPC defer gazettal of the Medium Density R-Codes to help keep the cost of delivering affordable housing down, in consideration of continuing challenges in the housing construction market. The State Government will also seek to rework the policy for the new provisions to be applicable to R50 and R60 coded development only. The R-Codes Volume 1, along with the R-MD provisions, will continue to apply for R30 and R40 coded land.

Original Latest News Article - 8 June 2023

The Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage has introduced the Medium Density Codes (R30 to R60) into Volume 1 of the Residential Design Codes with a deferred introduction from 1 September 2023.

Note that medium density development (with density codes of R30 to R60) has a separate section within the Codes from low density development (with density codes of R25 and lower). 

Further information can be obtained from the below link: 

Medium Density Housing Code

All proposed development from 1 September 2023 is required to consider these Codes. 

Prior to undertaking development owners and applicants should first discuss their proposal with the Town’s planning department.

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