Hurricanes Find a New Home in East Fremantle

Published on Thursday, 18 March 2021 at 8:54:35 AM

An enthusiastic and growing water sports club now finally has a home base at which to stage their activities following a decision by the Town of East Fremantle at their meeting on Tuesday 16 March.

The Hurricane Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe Club were successful in securing a five-year lease for a patch of prime riverfront land on the Swan River as well as exclusive access to the Leeuwin Boat Shed under the new arrangement.

“We are delighted that we were able to accommodate the Hurricanes with a new lease”, Deputy Mayor Cr Jenny Harrington said, “to provide a stable home base for their members, the vast majority of whom are local to East Fremantle.”

She explained that the Council had conducted a transparent and thorough process, with expressions of interest called for in November 2020, all of which had been weighed against selection criteria and a thorough analysis of the advantages of each proposal, with the Hurricanes emerging as the successful tenant.

“All submissions were considered meritorious in their own right, which made this a very difficult decision, however, after careful consideration we chose the tenant whose proposal demonstrated the greatest local benefit and would generate the best value proposition for the Community,” Cr Harrington said.

“The Town looks forward to working with the Hurricanes to enhance and improve the facility, and we are excited to see water sports participation grow in East Fremantle as a result,” Cr Harrington said.

She explained that Council would continue to work in partnership with the First Leeuwin Scout group, who will now be based exclusively at their Camp Waller facility, which is another Town-owned facility on the Rivers edge. To assist with the transition to one building, the Town has allocated funding for minor improvements to the building.

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