Maggie Swooping Season - Please take care

While out and about enjoying the glorious spring weather we’ve been looking forward to, be aware that it’s also the terrifying magpie swooping season.

Magpies breed from August to October and where there's one magpie, there's generally another, and another, and another who will vigorously defend their territory.

According to the WA Department of Parks and Wildlife, magpies, like dogs, seem to sense fear and may capitalise on it by pressing an attack.This pre-emptive attack can be averted with a stick, a hat or an umbrella waved around to make the bird retreat but it will keep a keen eye on you until you leave its territory.

DPAW recommends wearing sunglasses to conceal your face and eyes. If you are concerned about aggressive magpies in your area, contact the Wildcare Helpline on 9474 9055 or the DPAW office. Website Magpie Alert logs encounters with aggressive magpies across Australia, and allows members of the public to track where the angry birds may be frequenting.