Welcome to the Leeuwin Vision Plan 

Council is pleased to advise that the Department of Defence, has partnered with the Town of East Fremantle to undertake the Leeuwin Vision Plan, which provided an opportunity for the community to help shape the future development of the Leeuwin site.

Since the announcement by Defence in June last year of their intention to sell the site, we have been working closely with them on developing this exciting vision project.

The focus of the vision process was a 4-day Design Forum (sometimes referred to as a Charrette). This multi-day collaborative planning and design forum provided the opportunity for the community and key stakeholders to comment and assist in creating a feasible development vision.

The purpose of the Design Forum was to develop a Vision Plan that encapsulates the broader community’s vision for the site. The final Vision Plan will require endorsement by the Town and Defence, and will result in a Master Plan that aims to guide the future development of the Leeuwin site.

The four-day Design Forum was held from Monday 12th September to Thursday 15th September 2016 

The result of the engagement process will now be developed into a 'Vision Plan' document for endorsement by Council and the Department of Defence.

Further information about the plan will be provided on these webpages over the coming weeks and months.

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