Due to a recent traffic assessment revealing that there are increasing numbers of illegal vehicular traffic movements in the area of Hubble and Sewell Streets, the Town of East Fremantle is conducting a review of the 'No Entry' signs in these streets.

As the signs were installed some years ago, the Town are reviewing the appropriateness of the current 'No Entry' signs and seeks feedback from local residents.

To provide your written feedback about whether the existing ‘No Entry’ signs should remain or be removed, please complete the attached form (click here) - you can email  your completed form to to or post it to PO Box 1097, Fremantle 6959

The comment period will close on Friday, 16 June, 2017 The results will be reviewed and any decision of Council in relation to this feedback will be provided before any action, if any, is taken.

Please remember - it is an offence to disobey road signage, specifically the ‘No Entry’ signage. Such traffic movements constitute a breach of the Road Traffic Code of Western Australia 2000. Council, with the assistance of other authorities will be targeting the non-compliance of these areas in the future.

Please direct all enquiries to our Ranger Services during office hours on 9339 9316 or