Green Army in East Fremantle

The Green Army's hard at work in John Tonkin Park hasn't gone unnoticed.

Federal Minister for the Environment the Hon. Greg Hunt and Town of East Fremantle Mayor Jim O’Neill were there recently to see firsthand the work currently being undertaken by the local green army workers.

Weed control and revegetation with native species underpins the project, which is overseen by members from Conservation Australia.  

The Natural Resource Management sub-committee of the South West Group successfully obtained a grant funding from the Australian Department of Environment for the Carnaby's Black Cockatoo Conservation Project - Stage 3.

The Cities of Melville, Cockburn, Kwinana, Fremantle and the Town of East Fremantle have shared in the funding and created work plans in their respective local governments to enhance black cockatoo habitats.

 The Green Army is an Australian Government initiative open to young people including Indigenous Australians, school leavers, gap year students, graduates and job seekers who are looking for employment to develop skills, undertake training and gain experience in the delivery of conservation.