East Fremantle’s open secret …

Glyde-In Community Learning Centre 

Many of you know  the quaint cottage in Glyde Street where all sorts of wonderful things happen.

We are a community learning centre for adults.  We’ve been operating since 1985 and our membership has grown to 700, many of whom are East Fremantle residents.

Perhaps you have walked past our gate and wondered “what goes on in this charming cottage?”  Well, next time you are in the area, drop in and say hello to our Ann Reeves and Sandra Bantoft. In fact, put a note in your diary to join us for morning tea on Tuesday 15th August about 10’ish….but please give us a call to confirm, 9339 3964. 

If you visit our website (www.glydein.org.au) you will enjoy a virtual tour of Glyde-In and what we have to offer. Click on the “Glyde-In story” and have a look at the original cottage (circa 1900); you will notice a few changes.

Our quarterly programme is also listed so you can plan ahead what courses interest you.

For instance, you can learn Spanish with Ruperto, French with Paddy:  or go by bus on a local excursion. Our talks are popular too…”Trump and Asia”, “Euthanasia”, “Mathematical modelling” are just a few listed in our current programme.

You are always welcome at Glyde-In.

Jono Farmer, Glyde-In Volunteer