The Town of East Fremantle gains valuable benefit from street, verge and park trees.

Obvious benefits include the beautifying of streetscapes and suburbs, providing a sense of place, improved community wellbeing, increased property values, shade, temperature moderation and providing habitat for fauna.

Street trees are increasingly being recognised and managed throughout Australia as important community assets as the benefits they deliver are progressively identified, understood and measured. 

East Fremantle residents can apply to have a street tree planted or replaced on the verge adjacent to their property.

Once a request has been received, it is assessed as a priority by our Parks Staff, whether it is for a new tree i.e. there has never been a tree there before; or a replacement tree.  A site inspection takes place and the type of tree is discussed with the resident who made the request. Preparation is made for obtaining the trees during the summers months, with plantings undertaken between May and July each year.

The Town is also proactively working on replacing all verge and street trees, even if no request has been forthcoming.

All requests and feedback about street and verge trees are welcome. 

Requests for street/verge trees can be placed by contacting the Town of East Fremantle on (08) 9339 9339,  via the Contact Us form on our website or via email