Online Form - COPY - Tree Request Form

Are you the property owner? (If 'No' please attach owner's written consent) *
Once planting has been undertaken, I/we agree to water and maintain planting, ensuring they are kept below 0.6m (excludes Council verge trees) *
I understand that Council reserves the right to deny any waterwise verge designs based on the requirements set in the waterwise verge policy *
I understand that public utilities, state government authorities and their authorised contractors have specific responsibilities and rights to access and undertake works on the verge as defined in legislation and codes of practice. There is no requirement from the Town or any other service provider to rectify damage to irrigation, planting, turf or hard surfacing after maintenance works have been completed at my property. Reinstatement of verge treatments due to works undertaken will be at the owner or occupier’s expense. *
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