The Town will commence foreshore protection works along the John Tonkin Park foreshore in accordance with the Foreshore Management Plan on 9 October 2017.  The works should be completed within eight (8) weeks (approx 4 December) and the Town will do all it can to minimise the inconvenience to park and foreshore users, cyclists and pedestrians in the area.

To view the drawings of the headlands click here - please note that  both separable portions A and B are being constructed.

Offshore headlands were proposed as the most beneficial measure for the widening of the existing beach and increasing the recreational amenity as they provide an uninterrupted beach length for users. Offshore headlands provide a reduced protection value compared to a seawall or a series of
groynes, however the recreational and amenity values of the site and provided by the offshore headland concept were seen to outweigh that of the slightly increased management requirements. The wider beach sections provided by the offshore headlands would provide a buffer to erosion of the
existing vegetation, providing the Town with time to respond to any possible erosion of the formed beaches without the loss of infrastructure.

The concept for a series of offshore headlands along the John Tonkin Park was proposed to best fit with the amenity and recreational values of the area and proposed master planning improvements to the recreational space.  Given that the area has been reclaimed, currents in the area are reasonably strong and there is a significant amount of boat traffic in the river, the site has been subject to some historical erosion during high water level events. This has required some protection methods in the form of Reno mattresses to be installed to prevent the undercutting of some of the existing vegetation at John Tonkin Park and an offshore headland to be placed in front of Zephyr Café.