The Town of East Fremantle has produced a new Community Calendar for 2021 entitled "Streets of Your Town", featuring the Town's public art collection.

Calendar is a new initiative for the Town that brings together commissioned public murals and sculptures as well as some painted on private homes, with the details included in a map so that residents of and visitors to the Town can curate their own public art tour and see the works for themselves.

The Calendar compiles contact info for Ward representatives and the local library, waste and recycling information, a community and sporting clubs directory and a map of the Town featuring facilities.

The 2021 Community Calendar, Streets of Your Town, is free for all residents of the Town of East Fremantle and will be available for collection from Monday 7 December 2020 from the Town Hall at 135 Canning Highway.  It can also be downloaded from our website.

Community Calendar 2021