Invitation to a Dialogue Café - Community Workshop

The Town of East Fremantle extends an invitation to a Dialogue Café workshop. 

The Town is reviewing its 2015-2025 Strategic Community Plan and is seeking input from the community.   The Strategic Community Plan covers all aspect of the Town’s functions and activities and sets the high level long-term vision for the development and growth in the Town.   The workshop is an opportunity for you to provide feedback to the Town about strategic opportunities in relation to the existing Plan:  

Date Wednesday 10 May 2017

6:15pm for 6:30pm start to 8:30pm

Dinner will be provided

Venue: Tradewinds Hotel, Canning Highway, East Fremantle

COB Friday 5 May 2017

Wendy Cooke, Project Coordinator        9339 9338

For a copy of the 2015-2025 Strategic Community Plan click here

The Strategic Community Plan is a long-term planning document that sets out the Town of East Fremantle’s vision, aspirations for the future, and the key high level strategies needed to achieve our aspirations.

In 2011 the Department of Local Government and Communities, established a suite of integrated planning requirements under the Local Government Act 1995.   Under these regulations, all local governments are required to have developed and adopted two key documents;  a Strategic Community Plan and a Corporate Business Plan, supported and informed by resourcing and delivery strategies such as a Workforce Plan, Asset Management Plan and Long Term Financial Plan. These plans are designed to drive the development of annual budgets and ultimately help local governments plan for the future of the community.