Leeuwin Vision Plan -   Design Forum Sessions complete

Leeuwin Vision Plan Design Forum Outcome Summary Report - click here to view the report

Thank you to all who participated in the Leeuwin Vision Plan Design Forum Sessions 12 - 16 September 2016.

The Town is really pleased with the response from the community to our various consultation sessions, both at the Town Hall  and at the Tradewinds Hotel.   All sessions resulted in generally a positive feel towards the project.

The Consultant Team from TPG Placematch managed the process professionally and effectively, which assisted greatly with the general acceptance by the community and other interest groups of the process. 

The feedback from the community has been very positive in relation to the project, and in particular, with what the consultant team produced in four days of intensive consultation. 

From here the Consultant team will continue to work with the Town on developing the ‘Vision Plan’ document, which will be presented to Council in December for endorsement.

We will endeavour to provide further information including graphics and photos  over the coming weeks and months as the 'Vision Plan' is developed. 

Please direct any queries via email

vision plan forumMayor