LeeuwinVision Plan Background

Project Background

In June 2015, the Department of Defence (Defence) announced its intention to sell the Leeuwin Barracks, East Fremantle, as it is no longer required for operational or strategic purposes.  Defence and the Town of East Fremantle (the Town) have partnered to undertake the Leeuwin Vision Plan project to ensure that the whole community has an opportunity to help shape Leeuwin’s future.

Site Location

The 14.3 hectare Leeuwin Barracks site is located between Riverside Road and Preston Point Road on the southern bank of the Swan River in East Fremantle, Western Australia. The site is a few kilometres upstream of the Swan river mouth and the port of Fremantle. It is approximately three kilometres north east of the Fremantle town centre and sixteen kilometres south west of Perth’s Central Business District .

Site History

The Leeuwin Barracks site was originally commissioned in August 1940 as HMAS Leeuwin’s shore establishment of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). After WWII the naval depot was adopted for use as a training facility: initially for reservists and national servicemen, and later as the Junior Recruits Training Establishment (JRTE) from 1960 until 1984. The site was decommissioned from naval service in 1986 and later reopened under the control of the Australian Army as Leeuwin Barracks.

Site Significance

A developable site of this scale, location and natural features make it a rarity within metropolitan Perth. Defence and the Town see the sale and development of the property as a significant opportunity to achieve a range of urban infill and recreational objectives in a Swan River foreshore context. The coordinated redevelopment of the area is seen to be a way to optimise community and economic opportunities for the Town, the region and the future residents, visitors and tourists to the area.

Design Forum Process

Defence and the Town have partnered to undertake a visioning process to ensure that the whole community has an opportunity to shape Leeuwin’s future. The centerpiece of this visioning process is a collaborative 4-day design forum (sometimes referred to as a Charrette), which will be conducted between Monday, 12 September and Thursday, 15 September. The community is invited to take part in this process and contribute to the development of a Vision Plan for Leeuwin.

The design forum will include sessions that are both open and closed to the community. The closed sessions are targeted, technical discussions with relevant professional organisations and individuals. A high level overview of the outcomes of these sessions will however be shared with the broader community at the final meeting of the Design Forum.

The sessions that are open to the community are highlighted in green in the below process diagram .

Vision plan sessions

We strongly encourage maximum participation at these community sessions.

We will be asking that the community RSVP to these sessions so that Defence and the Town are able to ensure that everyone can be accommodated.

Please complete the online registration form here. 

Prior to the design forum, a team of technical consultants will be undertaking investigation to understand the key opportunities and challenges that exist for this site, which will be further explored and validated as part of the design forum.

At the end of this design forum, a Vision Plan will have been developed that encapsulates the potential development opportunities for this strategically significant site. This Vision Plan will require endorsement by the Town of East Fremantle and the Department of Defence.

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