Election Signage Requirements

An election sign is a sign which encourages a person to vote for a particular political candidate, political party, referenda or matter relating to any Federal, State, or Local Government election, however, excludes bumper stickers.

Main Roads Requirements

With regard to road reserves, Main Roads has its own requirements – refer attached extract from the Main Roads Policy (Policy and Application Guidelines for Advertising Signs Within and Beyond State Road Reserves). 

Please note the following requirements:   Location 

Location Temporary event signs shall not be located:

  • on traffic islands, including roundabouts on median strips
  • on road verges with a road speed limit greater than 90 km/h
  • where they are at risk of causing an obstruction to the passage or sight lines of drivers, bicyclists or pedestrians travelling along or crossing roads or driveways
  • within 100 m of a roadworks site

Temporary event signs shall not be attached to:

  • existing signs, including other advertising signs
  • any road-related infrastructure such as traffic sign supports, overhead bridges, bus shelters, lighting/power poles, etc, or trees

If attached to any infrastructure that encroaches over the road reserve or if suspended from ropes, wires, etc from any building or other infrastructure, written agreement must be obtained from the owner of the building or infrastructure. Content

The message used on the temporary event sign shall be restricted to the following information, as appropriate:

  • Name, type, date and location of the event or activity.
  • Name/title of election candidate and seat/ward.
  • The logo or company/political name of a sponsoring entity or affiliation, that does not exceed 20% of the total area of each sign face. 

Council Requirements

Council does not allow for election signage within local road reserves.

General guidance for allowable election signage.

The sign—

(a)     being erected at least 6m from any intersection;
(b)     being free standing and not being affixed to any existing sign, post, power or light pole, or similar structure;
(c)     being placed so as not to obstruct or impede the reasonable use of a thoroughfare, or access to a place by any person;
(d)     being placed so as not to obstruct or impede the vision of a driver of a vehicle entering or leaving a thoroughfare or crossing;
(e)     being maintained in good condition;
(f)      not being erected until the election to which it relates has been officially announced;
(g)     being removed within 24 hours of the close of polls on voting day;
(h)     not being placed within 100m of any works on the thoroughfare;
(i)      being securely installed;
(j)      not being an illuminated sign;
(k)     not incorporating reflective or fluorescent materials; and
(l)      not displaying only part of a message which is to be read with other separate signs in order to obtain the whole message.

For further information contact the Town on (08) 9339 9339 via telephone or admin@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au