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town of east fremantle community led initiatives - Trial Program

The Town of East Fremantle’s trial Community Led Initiatives program offers proactive local community members (including ratepayers, residents, businesses, community groups and sporting clubs), the opportunity to host neighbourhood events and undertake small localised projects to help connect with neighbours to build welcoming networks.

Funding can be used to provide catering for an event: ie sausages, buns and condiments for sausage sizzles; coffee ‘n’ cakes for an afternoon tea; produce for a breakfast gathering; or the elements necessary for a project: ie plants and soil for a verge or park planting; infrastructure for a free little library; gifts for a welcome new neighbours program.

Download the Town of East Fremantle Community Led Initiatives Program guidelines here

See images of the Town's first Community Led Initiative below

2019 Halloween in Glasson Park

Mint Realty hosted the 2019 Halloween event in George Street on 31 October.  With the Town supporting the event through the provosion of community insurance and $500 which went towards catering and a face painter, as can be seen in the photos, the event was a wonderful way to bring the community together - which of course is the purpose of this program!




If your proposed event or project fits the guidelines, simply complete the one-page online Request Form. Requests will be accepted at any time, and considered until the annually allocated amount of funding ($10,000) is expended. 


  • The event or project must be located within the Town of East Fremantle on public property, ie parks, reserves, verges or within public buildings;
  • Funding is only available to Town of East Fremantle community members, ie residents and local businesses, community groups and sporting clubs;
  • Applicants should allow five (5) weeks (25 working days) from submission to receive the funds; and
  • Copies of receipts and photos of the event / project, should be submitted within eight weeks of receipt to acquit the funds.


The approval amount will be determined by the number of attendees expected at the event.  As a guide the Town will look at providing funding of approximately $10 per person, ie from 10 people ($100) up to 50 people ($500.00).  Up to $1,000 can be funded per applicant / street / project per calendar year.


Projects will be considered eligible if they can demonstrate that benefit is provided to Town residents through recreational, social or cultural means, noting that the applicant must be a resident of, or business*, community group* or sporting club* located within the Town of East Fremantle. 

*these organisations must provide evidence of intended interaction with the broader community – ie, the funding is not intended for events or projects which will only involve or benefit existing business contacts and / or club / group members.


The following will not be considered for funding:

  • Events and projects at the rear of properties (backyards) or on private land;
  • Food choices considered as ‘unhealthy’; and
  • Alcohol or permits to consume alcohol.