TOWN OF EAST FREMANTLE IS NOW A 'Small Business Friendly' Local Government

The Small Business Friendly Local Governments initiative was developed by the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC).  The SBDC is the only State Government agency focused on supporting small business in Western Australia.

         Read the Town of East Fremantle’s Small Business Friendly Charter 

Our Commitment to Small Business

The Town of East Fremantle recognises that the small business community is an important stakeholder and will;

  • undertake regular consultation with this group;
  • work towards understanding how its local small business community operates;
  • provide networking and other development opportunities for its local small business community; and
  • actively engage, where appropriate, with the Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) on matters affecting small business.

Our Commitment to Customer Service

The Town of East Fremantle will:

  • maintain open lines of communication with small businesses through both formal and informal approaches;
  • provide clear advice and guidance to small businesses with a focus on assisting them to understand and meet their regulatory obligations, and to work with them to achieve compliance;
  • publish a set of clear service standards setting out what small businesses can expect from them;
  • consider the needs of local small business owners for whom English is not a first language; and
  • publish links on its website to take small business owners to SBDC resources.


The Town of East Fremantle will:

  • take reasonable action to limit unnecessary administrative burdens on small business;
  • undertake regular policy reviews to limit their impact on small businesses; view the Town's Purchasing Policy
  • test new policies and procedures for ‘small business friendliness’;
  • ensure that its Officers have the necessary knowledge and skills to apply plans and regulations in a consistent manner;
  • ensure that all invoices from small business suppliers are paid within 30 days; and
  • manage any disputes through a simple process.

 Our Commitment to the Small Business Development Corporation

The Town of East Fremantle will:

  • provide the SBDC with a biannual progress report;
  • forward success stories and case studies to the SBDC in relation to the SBFLG initiative when requested; and
  • actively promote its involvement in the campaign.


Small Business Friendly Projects - the Small Business Friendly Projects initiative minimises the impact of construction on businesses by targeting both those responsible for construction projects; as well as the business owners that could be impacted by these projects.  The Small Business Development Corporation website has guidelines available for State Government, Local Government and Small Business Owners.

Business Licence Finder - identify which licences, permits etc. you need when starting or operating your business, plus any codes of practice you may be required to comply with.

Checklist for Starting a Business - follow the steps to help decide if you are ready to go into business and where to seek help along the way.

FREE Business Listing – East Fremantle ratepayers can list their business on the Town’s online Business List free of charge.

Share your Success Story! - please take the time to share your good news with us so we can share it with others.

Starting Your Own Business - access to Small Business Development Corporation resources.

Contact the Small Business Development Corporation - 133 140

And, your FEEDBACK IS WELCOME! - please let us know what other links you would like to see here.