Leeuwin Vision Plan - Endorsed by Council

The Town of East Fremantle have endorsed the Leeuwin Vision Plan and following a 14 day public review period are now preparing the final documentation with a view to forwarding to the Department of Defence in early 2017.  

The development of this Vision Plan is only the very beginning of the site’s redevelopment journey.  There will be the statutory requirement for much greater detailed planning and site investigation to amend the sites zoning in both, the Regional Metropolitan Scheme (MRS), and the Town of East Fremantle’s Town Planning Scheme #3. 

Council and Defence will continue to work collaboratively during the statutory planning and sale processes to ensure the most optimal outcome is achieved for the East Fremantle community and the members of the Australian Defence Force. 

For a copy of the Leeuwin Vision Plan click here.

More information is also available about the Divestment process for the Leeuwin Barracks site