Town of East Fremantle Strategic Community Plan

A Strategic Community Plan (SCP) is a long-term (10+ years) planning document that captures the community’s vision, values, aspirations and priorities for the future. It summarises key strategies in order to focus on achieving these ambitions.  The SCP provides a framework that guides everything the Town does to ensure decision making is in line with community expectations.

SCP 2020-2030 (major review)

The valuable local knowledge and insights of the community were key to this most recent review.  The Town's goal was to double the number of participants from the previous review (2017-2027, 154 people) through providing additional ways in which the community could be involved.

  • Community Survey(online)
  • Youth Survey (online)
  • Community Workshop - evening (East Fremantle Yacht Club)
  • Community Workshop - day (East Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club)
  • Youth Think Tank (East Fremantle Bowling Club)
  • Business Breakfast (Swan Yacht Club)

The total participation during the 2020 review was 405, exceeding the goal by 97.

It is proposed that the draft Town of East Fremantle Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030 will be made available to Council at their December Ordinary Council Meeting (Tuesday 8th) for endorsement.

Following its endorsement the Plan will be available electronically from this page, with hard copies available on request. This is in keeping with the Town’s waste reduction methodology.

SCP 2017-2027 (major review)

Community participation in this Plan review numbered 154, through completion of a survey and / or attendance at a workshop. 

The 2017-2027 SCP can be viewed here. 

SCP 2013-2023 (with 2015 minor review)

The 2015 Minor SCP Review can be viewed here.

The Town's first SCP can be viewed here.

If you would like a hard copy of any Town Plan please call 9339 9339.