Town of East Fremantle Strategic Community Plan

The East Fremantle Strategic Community Plan (SCP) 2017-2027 is being reviewed. Your valuable local knowledge and insights are key to us developing and refining community aspirations for our Town’s future.

The Town’s SCP sets out the vision, aspirations and priorities for the area over the next 10 years. The SCP is the framework that guides everything we do at the Town and ensures decision making is in line with community expectations.

How can you get involved?

And then what happens?

Learning Horizons, the professional consultants assisting the Town with this process, will collate and consider all of the comments, ideas and feedback received. A presentation will be made to Council in order that your Elected Members have an understanding of the expectations and needs of the East Fremantle community.

Learning Horizons’ extensive knowledge and experience will then be applied to analysing all of the information to hand, including identifying gaps in current Council services.

It is hoped that the proposed Town of East Fremantle Strategic Community Plan 2020-2030 will be made available to Council at their December Ordinary Council Meeting (Tuesday 8th) for endorsement.

Following its endorsement the Plan will be available electronically from the Town of East Fremantle website, with hard copies available on request. This is in keeping with the Town’s waste reduction methodology.

What is a Strategic Community Plan?

It is a long-term (10+ years) planning document that captures the community’s vision, values, aspirations and priorities for the future. It summarises key strategies in order to focus on achieving these ambitions.

The current plan can be viewed at If you would like a hard copy please call 9339 9339.

Download the Community Strategic Plan Review Fact Sheet.