The Public Transport Authority have advised Council that they will be commencing upgrade or replacement works on Bus Stops in the Town of East Fremantle later this month.

“Federal Government Legislation (Disability Discrimination Act and the associated Disability Standards for Accessible Public Transport 2002 'Disability Standards') require that all bus stops must comply with the requirements of the Disability Standards. As responsibility for this issue rests with the Public Transport Authority (PT A) a program to upgrade existing Transperth bus stops is currently in progress.

The PTA will be upgrading a number of bus stops along Canning Highway and as part of this process a rationalisation exercise has been completed.

 This has resulted in some bus stops either being removed or relocated. Please visit the Transperth website here to determine which stops will be permanently removed or relocated. 

The project will commence in late April with bus stops located on the southern side of Canning Highway near to the intersection of Williams Road, Melville and work will then progress towards Stirling Highway. Once this section has been completed, works will commence on the northern side of Canning Highway near to the intersection with Stirling Highway and will progress back towards Williams Road, Melville.

It is anticipated that the upgrade project will take no longer than 4 weeks to complete. In most cases work at each specific bus stop should be completed within 3-5 days.

 Unfortunately, most access permits to work on Canning Highway have restricted the upgrade work to specific times. These times are 8pm to 6am. Where these time limits have been specified, efforts will be taken by the PTA contractors to minimise the level and duration of excessive noise.

 When complete, the bus stop will have a raised section of kerb, a level concrete hardstand at the immediate bus stop boarding area and tactile ground surface indicators. Bus stop infrastructure such as bus shelters, bins and bench seats may also be relocated to improve disability access’.

Should you require further information please contact the Transperth lnfoline 13 62 13.