Community Perception Survey Report

Posted on: Tuesday, 16 May 2017 at 9:33:08 AM

A sense of community and a sense of belonging in the Town of East Fremantle have set the MARKYT Industry standard.  

The Town also had an ‘Overall Performance Index Score' of 75 ranking us equal third and as a 'place to live' we achieved an index score of 89!

For a copy of the Report click here

The survey was circulated to all residents in February and March this year inviting residents and ratepayers to participate in the Community Scorecard perception survey.   

The Town was keen to hear the community's views on local services and facilities and ideas about how the local area can be improved.  The information will be used to assist with the review of the current Strategic Community Plan and plan for future community needs.

CATALYSE® Pty Ltd, an independent research and strategic planning company conducted the study on the Town's behalf.  

A number of other local governments have undertaken similar studies (over 40 Councils), which has provided the Town with access to a rich database of benchmarks to see how we are performing compared to like-councils.  

The scorecard was open to all members of the household aged 18 years or older  and was available on online. 

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