Compostable Doggie Dumping Bags on the way.

Posted on: Tuesday, 1 August 2017 at 2:53:17 PM

In line with Council’s Strategic Community Plan the Town of East Fremantle is reducing waste through new sustainable waste management practices with the introduction of biodegradable and compostable dog bags.  

The Town currently provides 46 dog waste bag stations in various public spaces.    It is estimated this new initiative will remove approximately 300,000 plastic bags from the environment annually.

This is a further demonstration of Council’s commitment to assisting our environment, back in May Council adopted the first Plastic Bag Reduction Local Law in WA”. Mayor O’Neill said.

The new bags are made from a corn derivative and will breakdown in a compostable environment within 90 days.  They will be rolled out throughout the Town in the coming months. Dog owners are asked to take only the number of bags they need on any one day and to dispose of the waste in an appropriate general waste bin.

“Also, the Town’s administration have removed traditional rubbish bins with plastic bin liners from all work stations, and provided recyclable paper only bins, with only the kitchen bins accepting organic waste” Mayor O’Neill said

Council staff have also decided that single use plastic bags are not to be used when shopping for Council purposes, e.g., administration staff purchasing consumables for the office, Council meetings, staff meetings or other Council events.

Mayor O’Neill further said “Council felt it was appropriate to lead by example and apply plastic free principles to Council meetings, events and our day to day operations”

To assist with the transition from plastic shopping bags, the Town has also made provision in its 2017/18 Budget to provide each household with a calico shopping.  

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