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  • East Fremantle Baha'i Community

    Bahá’ís form Local Spiritual Assemblies whenever there is a minimum of nine members in a particular area. East Fremantle has had an Assembly for more than 25 years. The community holds regular 19-day Feasts and is very focused on serving the community through children’s classes, junior youth groups, study circles, devotional meetings and other activities. It has also created a native garden at the Tricolore Centre honouring the Bicentenary of the Birth of our Prophet-Founder, Bahá’u’lláh. The Bahá’í Faith is an independent world religion which started in 1844.

    Keith McDonald (Secretary)
    0412 056 725
    (Various) EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 989 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6959
  • Cockburn Dragon Boat Club

    Dragon Boating is a fun, social sport catering for different levels of fitness and ability. If you are interested in training hard, being an integral part of a team and winning, then our open, women or mixed team is what you are after. However if you are more interested in having just a fun paddle, with less intense training demands, our Wednesday night social paddling may be more to your liking.

    Christine Martin (Secretary)
    c/- East Fremantle Yacht Club, Petra Street EAST FREMANTLE WA 6158
  • East Fremantle Bowling Club

    Providing social and competitive bowls, green and bar amenities. Open Tue & Wed 4-6pm, Thu 12-7.30pm, Fri 3.30pm to close and Sat by arrangement.

    Les Capes (President)
    9339 2489
    Fletcher Street EAST FREMANTLE WA 6158
  • East Fremantle Cricket Club

    Promoting cricket in the East Fremantle district.

    Val Steenholdt (President)
    9339 7611
    Preston Reserve EAST FREMANTLE WA 6158
  • East Fremantle Croquet Club

    The East Fremantle Croquet Club has approximately 40 members, predominantly mature aged men and women, however younger people are encouraged to come along. 'Gateball', a fast-paced, non-contact, highly strategic team game inspired by croquet, is currently being trialed as it's very popular with the younger generation. Club play (new players welcome) - Tuesday and Saturday 10-3, Monday and Thursday 9.30am, Tuesday 6pm. General club meetings are held every two months, with regular social events throughout the year.

    Joy Hunter (Secretary)
    0448 043 840
    0407 115 842
    59 Allen Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    59 Allen Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
  • East Fremantle Family Playgroup
    Claire Williams
    0468 347 622
    Sumpton Green, Locke Park EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    Cnr Hamilton and Fletcher Streets EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
  • East Fremantle Football Club

    Promoting Australian Rules Football to players throughout the Club's metro and country zones.

    Todd Shimmon (Chief Executive Officer)
    9339 5533
    East Fremantle Oval EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    Moss Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
  • East Fremantle Junior Cricket Club

    Cricket is Australia's favourite sport… so let's play!

    Craig Byron (Secretary)
    0404 114 568
    Henry Jeffery Oval, 1 Wauhop Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 535 PALMYRA Australia WA 6957
  • East Fremantle Junior Football Club

    Junior AFL football from Y3 to Y12. Developing junior football within the East Fremantle region. Season commences February each year, playing through to September.

    Peter Keleman (President)
    0425 293 745
    Henry Jeffery Oval EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 43 PALMYRA Australia WA 6957
  • East Fremantle Lacrosse Club
    Tony Martello (President)
    0410 503 937
    Preston Reserve EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 2230 KARDINYA Australia WA 6163
  • East Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club

    East Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club provides tennis for all ages and abilities in a friendly, healthy and social environment. We also provide courts for hire to the general public. Our main organised social play is held Saturday afternoons with the Junior club being held in the meeting. Ladies tennis is held every Wednesday morning followed by morning tea. On top of this we provide other informal social play throughout the week which is listed on our website. ONLINE COURT BOOKING IS HERE!!! Book-A-Court is easy to use, and you’ll always get on court when you’ve made a booking. Just visit, book and pay online to receive unique access instructions for the court(s) you’ve booked. Enter your PIN at the court entrance, and play. Enjoy your hit!

    Janine Ahern (Club Manager)
    9339 3030
    0466 723 022
    Preston Point Road, cnr Petra Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    c/- 37 Bristol Avenue BICTON Australia WA 6157
  • East Fremantle Tricolore Soccer Club

    Promoting junior soccer and community sport activities.

    Alan Ferris (President)
    0411 652 794
    Wauhop Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 159 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6160
  • East Side Angling Club
    Peter Rash
    9339 8093
    PO Box 68 NORTH FREMANTLE Australia WA 6159
  • Fremantle Outrigger Canoe Club
    Tony Morgan (Secretary)
    0422 354 066
    c/- Swan Yacht Club EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 1685 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6959
  • Fremantle Rowing Club

    Fremantle Rowing Club is one of Perth's oldest rowing clubs, being established in 1886. It was relocated to its current site in 1962. Fremantle Rowing Club is a growing, enthusiastic and competitive rowing club. It has a mix of junior, senior through to master category members. Athletes compete at all levels of expertise from novice through to State and Australian representation. The Committee meets on the first Saturday of each month.

    Forbes Watson (Secretary)
    0419 904 715
    75 Riverside Road EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 557 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6959
  • Fremantle Swan Dragon Boat Club
    Rex Tindal (President)
    c/- Swan Yacht Club, Riverside Road EAST FREMANTLE WA 6158
  • Friends of the East Fremantle Foreshore
    Wendy Wisniewski
    0438 319 195
  • Glyde In Learning Centre

    Glyde-In offers courses, talks and activities in Fremantle. Learning without need of prior knowledge or qualifications. Create lifelong friendships.

    Ann Reeves (Coordinator)
    9339 3964
    42 Glyde Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    42 Glyde Street EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
  • Harbour Theatre Company

    FREMANTLE REGION'S ONLY & ORIGINAL COMMUNITY THEATRE FOR OVER 50 YEARS. Harbour Theatre was formed in 1963 by eight enthusiastic amateurs, led by James (Jimmy) Quinn, a very competent and experienced director from the former Perth Repertory Club. The theatrette on the upper floor of the Evans Davies Civic Library in South Terrace, Fremantle was made available by the Fremantle City Council and became Harbour’s first home. Conditions were very primitive at the beginning, but enthusiasm overcame all difficulties and the group rapidly expanded. Since then Harbour Theatre has produced hundreds of plays and entertained tens of thousands of people. Plays have ranged from drama to comedy, whodunit to tragedy and murder to farce. As a not-for-profit theatre managed solely by volunteers, all proceeds raised by productions are channelled back into the group.

    Nicola Bond (President)
    9255 3336
    Camelot, 16 Lochee Street MOSMAN PARK Australia WA 6012
    PO Box 764 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6959
  • Hurricane Paddling Crew

    Hurricane Paddling Crew is a paddling club that offers two water sports for ages 12 to 70+. The club offers the opportunity to compete in Outrigger events at local, state and national levels, as well as Dragon Boat events such as the Avon Descent and Classic Paddle. "We are a friendly club and always keen for new paddlers to come and try!". Training is held Tuesday at 6pm, Thursday at 5.45pm and Sunday at 8am.

    Marco Celenza (President)
    0409 050 391
    0438 833 362
    Leeuwin Scout Hall, Riverside Road EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 466 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6959
  • Lions Club of East Fremantle

    Meets at the Swan Yacht Club at 7pm, on the first and third Wednesday of each month.

    Alan Springett (President)
    9329 9607
    PO Box 9 MELVILLE Australia WA 6956
  • Marine Education Boatshed
    Rod Marton
    9339 7851
    Preston Reserve EAST FREMANTLE WA 6158
  • Navy League of Australia, WA Division

    Promoting the maintenance of the maritime wellbeing of the nation through encouraging public thinking on maritime matters and creating interest in the sea. Supporting the Australian Navy Cadets.

    CMDR Jim O'Neill ANC RTD (Hon Secretary)
    0413 688 447
    0413 688 447
    Riverside Road EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 735 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6160
  • Radio Fremantle
  • Scouts - 1st Fremantle & 1st Leeuwin

    Scouting is about helping young people being the best they can be, developing all facets of life so they can grow to become constructive citizens in their communities. Fun, challenge, adventure and lifelong friendships await those girls and boys, men and women who join Scouts. Learning life skills, growing in self confidence and gaining valuable leadership and team skills are all part of the Scout program.

    Lloyd Owens (Group Leader)
    6240 7700
    Riverside Road & Jerrat Drive EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 211 PALMYRA Australia WA 6157
  • Taoist Tai Chi Society of Australia - Fremantle Branch

    Our volunteer, non-profit and charitable organisation offers instruction in Taoist Tai Chi Society (TM) internal arts of health, as developed by Master Moy Lin-shin. Master Moy synthesised the wisdom he learned during more than 50 years of training in meditation, chi kung, Tai Chi and other internal arts of health, into the practices taught by the Society and its sister organisations. The Tai Chi developed by Master Moy Lin-shin is designed to promote health and well-being for people of all ages and in all health conditions. In Master Moy's hands, this art became a very special and effective form of holistic helth training, one that can work on the physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of our being.

    Sally Mercer (Branch Leader)
    9371 7033
    East Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club, Jerrat Drive EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 311 BAYSWATER Australia WA 6933
  • TS Perth - Naval Reserve Cadets
    Bradley Barrett (Commanding Officer)
    0412 309 657
    Riverside Road EAST FREMANTLE Australia WA 6158
    PO Box 137 MELVILLE Australia WA 6156
  • Y Striders

    A not for profit fitness organisation which was founded 20 years ago to bring together people who want to exercise in a friendly, non-competitive environment, particularly senior people. The club is open to everyone aged from 18 to over 80 in the surrounding area.

    Elizabeth Turton (Secretary)
    0481 308 735
    PO Box 556 APPLECROSS Australia WA 6953
  • Probus Club of East Fremantle
    Ms. Evelyn Paynton (Secretary)
    9339 6859
    PO Box 1461 FREMANTLE Australia WA 6959