john tonkin park foreshore and parkland restoration with interpretation facility

The Parks and Wildlife Service of the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) and the Town of East Fremantle are redeveloping sections of John Tonkin Park and undertaking foreshore stabilisation.

The project involves the:

  • construction of bays and headlands;
  • signage and seating; 
  • footpath and landscape upgrades in the immediate area of John Tonkin Park; and
  • implementing revegetation works across entire foreshore.

John Tonkin Park’s foreshore is currently experiencing significant erosion caused by boat wake and wind generated waves. As a result, four headlands are being installed to dissipate wave energy, reducing erosion of the beaches. The sand is expected to move from one side of each headland bay to the other. The construction of bays and headlands aims to stabilise the foreshore and provide visitors with recreational benefits and improved river access.

In addition, an interpretation facility will be developed with a wooden deck structure shaped to create a multi-use space providing seating, interpretation panels and improved foreshore access. The facility will link to existing interpretation facilities along other areas of the river, encouraging a whole Riverpark linkage by showcasing the Riverpark’s natural and cultural values.

The intent of this project is to stabilise the foreshore area and protect the beach from erosion, as well as enhance the amenity of the foreshore area. Ancillary paths will also be installed to create better connectivity through John Tonkin Park.

The construction works will commence later this month (October 2017) and be completed in June 2018.

The park will remain open for general community use with improved pathway access.  

The attached sign illustrates the extent of the works. The park will remain as an open space for all of the community while the works are taking place.

Should you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Stephen Gallaugher by telephone 9339 9335 or on email