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Repeal Local Law 2017 Gov Gazette 7/06/2017
Waste Local Law 2017 26/04/2017
Meeting Procedure Local Law 24/01/2017
Public Places & Local Government Property Local Law 2016 6/04/2016
Cat Local Law 2016 6/04/2016
Parking Local Law 2016 6/04/2016
Dog Local Law 2016 6/04/2016
Penalty Units Local Law 2016 6/04/2016
Bee Keeping Local Law 28/01/2016
Building Line - Canning Highway 28/01/2016
Parking Of Commercial And Other Vehicles On Street Verges 28/01/2016
Depositing And Removal Of Refuse, Rubbish, Litter And Disused Materials And Removal 28/01/2016
Fencing Local Law 28/01/2016
Removal And Disposal Of Obstructing Animals And Vehicles 28/01/2016
Refuse Adversely Affecting Neighbours 28/01/2016
Urban Environment And Nuisance 28/01/2016
Vehicle Wrecking 28/01/2016