Local Government Elections

The Town of East Fremantle Council is comprised of nine (9) Elected Members, eight (8) Councillors and a Mayor. These Elected Members represent four wards. Each Ward is represented by two (2) Councillors.

Local government elections are held every two years on the third Saturday in October (21 October 2017). At each biennial election half of the seats on the Town of East Fremantle Council will become vacant.

In October 2017, terms for the following Elected Members who were chosen to represent the Town will become vacant and available for re-nomination :

  • Mayor Jim O’Neill
  • Cr Jenny Harrington – Plympton Ward
  • Cr Michael McPhail – Preston Point Ward
  • Cr Andrew McPhail – Richmond Ward
  • Cr Tony Watkins – Woodside Ward

In addition Councillor Luke Nicholson – Preston Point Ward resigned from his position as an Elected Member effective from 17 August 2017. 

This means that the Town of East Fremantle will have six (6) vacant positions on Council - a Mayoral position and five (5) Councillor positions.

Mayoral Position One (1) Vacancy Four (4) Year Term
Plympton Ward One (1) Vacancy Four (4) Year Term
Preston Point Ward One (1) Vacancy Four (4) Year Term
Preston Point Ward One (1) Vacancy Two (2) Year Term
Richmond Ward One (1) Vacancy Four (4) Year Term
Woodside Ward One (1) Vacancy Four (4) Year Term

Current Nominations

To view list of current nominations, please click here
To view profiles, click candidates' names below:
Jim O'Neill
Cliff Collinson
Plympton Ward
Jenny Harrington
Matilda O'Neill
Woodside Ward
Tony Watkins
Richmond Ward
Andrew McPhail
Martin Spencer
Robert Petanceski
Preston Point 
Michael McPhail
Stephen Green
Tony Natale
Julie Amor
Kerry Donovan
To view the current list of Town of East Fremantle elected members and their term, click here.

Postal Voting

The Town’s elections are conducted as postal elections by the Western Australian Electoral Commission. The Commission appoints a Returning Officer who oversees the elections, which includes taking candidate nominations and supervising the count on election night.

Election packages are posted to all electors on the Town of East Fremantle roll approximately three weeks before election day. Every person enrolled on the electoral roll will be issued a ballot by mail and invited to complete the ballot and return it to the West Australian Electoral Commission in the envelope supplied.
The count commences at 6.00pm on Saturday 21st October 2017 and the results are normally available later that evening.  Voting in local government election is not compulsory.
For further information please contact the Town of East Fremantle on (08) 9339 9339 via telephone or email admin@eastfremantle.wa.gov.au

Key Dates



Electoral Commissioner to appoint Returning Officer of the Town of East Fremantle for the election.

12 August 2017

Electoral Roll Closes 5.00 pm

1 September 2017

Nominations Open

First day for candidates to lodge completed nomination paper, in the prescribed form, with the Returning Officer.

7 September 2017

Close of Nominations 4.00 pm

14 September 2017

Election Day Close of poll 6.00 pm

21 October 2017

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