Sporting Clubs

1st Fremantle Scout Group

PO Box 211 Palmyra

9339.3201 (Club)

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1st Leeuwin Scout Group

Riverside Road East Fremantle 6158

PO Box 30 Melville 6956

Ashley Lindorff 

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East Fremantle Bowling Club

Fletcher Street East Fremantle 9339.2489 (Club)

Mr Les Capes (President)

Services provided

To provide social and competitive bowls, green and bar amenities.

Opening Times:

Tue 4-6pm Wed 4-6pm
Thur 12-7.30pm
Fri 3.30pm-Close
Sat By arrangement

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East Fremantle Cricket Club

Web site :

Preston Point Road East Fremantle

9339.7611 (Club)

Fax: 93397663

Val Steenholdt (President) 0415 807 234 

Rhys Jones (Treasurer)  0439 426  
Chade Steendholdt (Secretary) 0414 979 534

Services provided: Their aim is to promote cricket in the East Fremantle district . 

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East Fremantle Croquet Club

Allen Street East Fremantle

0448 043 840 (Playing Days)

Mr Bill Turner (President)   0407 983 132

Services provided: To promote the game of croquet. Coaching given

Opening Times: Club Days: Every Tues & Sa

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East Fremantle Football Club

Moss Street East Fremantle

6158 9339.5533 (Club)

Mr Todd Shimmon (Chief Executive Officer)

Services provided: To promote Australian Rules Football to players throughout the clubs metro and country zones.

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East Fremantle Junior Cricket Club

Preston Point Road East Fremantle WA 6158

9339.7611 (Club)

Mr Joe Corcoran (President) 

Services provided: 'To promote enjoyment and skill development in junior cricket for all children between the ages of 5 and 15.

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East Fremantle Junior Football Club

PO Box 58 Palmyra 6157

Mr Peter Keleman (President) 0425.293.745

Services provided: Development of junior football within the East Fremantle region Opening Times: Season commences Feb - Sept each year

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East Fremantle Lacrosse Club

Preston Point Road East Fremantle 6158

(PO Box 2230 Kardinya 6163)

Mr Tony Martello  (President) 0410 503 937 (Mobile)

Jeff Kennedy (Facilities Manager)  0418 942 511.

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East Fremantle Lawn Tennis Club

c/- 37 Bristol Avenue Bicton 6157

9339.3030 (Club)

Janine Ahern (Club Manager) 0466 723 022 

Services provided: To promote tennis within the area Courts available for hire


 Book A Court is easy to use and you’ll always get on court when you’ve made a booking.

Just visit our website (, book and pay online, and you’ll receive unique access instructions for the court(s) you’ve booked. Enter your PIN at the court entrance, and play.

Enjoy your hit!

For more information contact on 0466 723 022

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East Fremantle Tricolore Soccer

Club PO Box 159 Fremantle 6160

Mr Alan Ferris (President)

Services provided: To promote junior soccer and community sport activities

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East Fremantle Yacht Club

PO Box 26 Palmyra 6157 9339.8111 (Club)

Mr Michael Brunswick (General Manager)

Services provided: Promotion of the sport of yachting & provide boating facilities

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East Side Angling Club

PO Box 68 North Fremantle 6159

Mr Peter Rash 9339 8093 (Home)

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Fremantle Rowing Club

PO Box 557 Fremantle 6160

9319.8222 (Club)

Ms Catriona Gregg (President)

Wanting to hire a venue - contact Sophie Cattalini at or 0400 401 644

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Fremantle Swan Dragon Boat Club (Inc)

c/- Swan Yacht Club Riverside Road East Fremantle 6158

Mr Rex Tindal  (President)

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Hurricane Dragon Boat and Outrigger Canoe Club (Inc) 

Leeuwin Scout Hall Riverside Road, East Fremantle 6158

Grant Draper - President - Mobile - 0417188414

Dee Tempest - Secretary -  Mobile:  0409050391



Services Provided: Paddling and training in both a Dragon Boat and Outrigger throughout the year. Come and have a go!

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Swan Yacht Club

PO Box 20 Palmyra 6157 9339.3520 (Club)

Mr Damien Gaspar (General Manager)

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TS Perth – Naval Reserve Cadets

PO Box 137 Melville 6156 Ph 9339 1314

Mr Trevor Vincent (Hon Secretary) 9330.5129

Y Striders Incorporated

A not-for-profit fitness organisation which was founded 20 years ago to bring together people who want to exercise in a friendly non-competitive environment, particularly senior people.  The club is open to all people aged from 18 to over 80 in the surrounding area.

Contact details:

PO Box 556, Applecross 6953


M: 0481 308 735

Elizabeth Turton - Secretary 

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